May 15, 2017

Octavian Adrian Postolache

Graduated in 1992 from Gh. Asachi TU Iasi, Romania, in Electrical Engineering, PhD degree in 1999 from the same university and in 2016 university habilitation from University of Lisbon. In 1992-2000 he worked as assistant professor at TU Iasi, in 2000 he become senior researcher at the Instituto de Telecomunicações and in 2012 he joined ISCTE-IUL Lisbon where he is currently professor. His fields of interests are smart sensors for biomedical applications, wireless sensors network, pervasive computing, advanced signal processing and computational intelligence for measurement systems. He served as principal researcher of different national and international projects including EHR-Physio regarding the implementation of Electronic Health Records for Physiotherapy and he is currently principal researcher of TailorPhy project Smart Sensors and Tailored Environments for Physiotheraphy. Dr. Postolache is author and co-author of 10 patents, 6 books, 18 book chapters and more than 300 papers published in international journals and indexed proceedings with peer review. He is IEEE IMS SM, Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE IMS with more than 25 DL actions, chair of IEEE IMS TC-13 awarded by his activity in 2016, and elected chair of IEEE IMS Portugal Chapter. He is Associate Editor of IEEE Sensors Journal, and IEEE Transaction on Instrumentation and Measurement and he received IEEE Sensors best reviewer award and the best associate editor award in 2011 and 2013.

Field of Interests: smart sensors for biomedical applications, automated measurement systems, wireless sensors network, computation intelligence for instrumentation, smart environments, environment monitoring, non-destructive testing.

Expertise: smart sensors, embedded systems, unobtrusive and remote sensing of cardiorespiratory and motor activity, serious game for physical therapy and objective evaluation of therapy outcomes, wireless sensor networks and IoT.