Joaquim Gabriel received the degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering (UPorto, 1988), specialization on machine design; a post-graduation in Industrial Automation and Process Management; a Master in Industrial Computing, and a PhD in Industrial Electronics from the University of Minho (2003). He was research fellow from JNICT (1989) and from the Japanese Ministry of Industry EU-STA at Kanagawa Science Park, Japan (1995-97). In 2012 he was invited researcher at Yokohama City University, Japan. He is researcher of the FCT Unit – UISPA – Integration Unit Systems and Process Automation, external researcher of Cardiovascular Unit – FMUP, and LABIOMEP UPorto Biomechanics Lab, integrated in INEGI – Institute of Science and Innovation in Engineering Integrated Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Since 2003 is assistant professor at FEUP, integrated in the group of Automation, Instrumentation and Control.

Fields of interest: Instrumentation; Supervisory control and data acquisition – SCADA; Industrial automation; Medical devices; Thermography.
Expertise: Instrumentation; Automation; Thermography.