This workshop took place virtually at FISTA 2021, in 22 February 2021, an annual event that brings the world of companies to the University, organized by students from the School of Technologies and Architecture from ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon. The workshop counted with the dissemination of the latest technological advances in the area of digital physiotherapy and how these technologies are being used to create adaptable environments in order to guarantee a personalized rehabilitation.
This event had the presence of internationally renowned researchers in the field of instrumentation and measurements, such as Dr. Octavian Postolache, professor at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Innovative research works associated with the application of technologies based on thermal image in sport and physical rehabilitation were also disclosed, resulting from the professional experience of Adérito Seixas, professor at Escola Superior de Saúde Fernando Pessoa, Porto.
Organizers: IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society, IEEE IMS TC-13, Instituto de Telecomunicações, IEEE ISCTE-IUL Student Branch

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Octavian Postolache

Dr. Octavian Postolache is an Associate Professor at ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon, director of the doctoral program on Science and Information Technology and director of Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT-IUL) research center. He is leader and active member of national and international research teams involved in Portuguese and International projects such as Tailored Environments for Smart Physiotherapy. Dr. Postolache is author and co-author of 10 patents, 11 books, 21 book chapters, more than 400 papers in international journals and indexed conferences with peer review. He is Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society (IMS), international chair of IEEE IMS TC-13 Wireless and Telecommunications in Measurements and he is current chair of IEEE IMS Portugal Chapter. He is Associate Editor of IEEE Sensors Journal, IEEE Transaction on Instrumentation and Measurement. He served as general chair of different IEEE conferences or IEEE IMS technical sponsored conference such as MeMeA 2014- Lisbon, ICST 2014- Liverpool, ICST 2017 –Sydney, ICST2018-Limirich, and ICST2019-Sydney. He received IEEE best reviewer and the best associate editor in 2011, 2013 and 2017, and other awards related to his research activity at different international forums. His fields of interests comprise smart sensors for biomedical and environmental applications, IoT for smart healthcare, wireless sensor networks, signal processing for biomedical applications and computational intelligence with application in sensors, instrumentation and measurements.

Prof. Adérito Seixas

Adérito Seixas graduated in Physiotherapy and specialized in neuromusculoskeletal rehabilitation. He received his MSc from University of Porto (Portugal) for a thesis focused on the assessment of sensorimotor skills of athletes with and without disabilities and specialized in data analysis in the same university. He is also a board member of the European Association of Thermology and member of several scientific societies. Currently, alongside his work as a full time Professor on a Physiotherapy Graduate course and Master Program at Universidade Fernando Pessoa (Porto, Portugal), he is carrying out research for his PhD, focusing in the biomechanical and thermophysiological assessment of the foot in diabetic patients at risk to develop foot ulcers. His research interests lie in evidence-based practice and in the assessment of the neuro-musculoskeletal system in a clinical, sporting and occupational context. In recent years he has developed several studies focusing on the application of thermal imaging in sports and rehabilitation.