IEEE Seminar on Telecommunications and Instrumentation | Energy-efficient Radio Resource Management in Future Networks

Traffic and Energy load balancing in cooperative dual-powered green cellular networks 14h00 – 15h10 | ISCTE-IUL, Building II, Room C202 Prof. Swades DeIndian Institute of Technology Delhi Email: Topic: Wireless sensor nodes are characterized by limited energy sources. Although the interests in wireless connectivity is ever-increasing and the needs for Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications, such

IEEE IMS Thermography Seminar

Title: Infrared Thermography, a Challenging Tool Abstract: Temperature measurements are very common both, in Industry and Medicine, as a primary indicator that somethings is going wrong. In this context, infrared thermography appears as an important tool, as it can give a thermal map enabling the technicians to immediately focus the attention in the hot spots.