It is with great enthusiasm that we present Women in Tech, an event that celebrates the presence of women in the world of technology. Join us on 8 May to hear the perspectives and testimonies of six women working in different areas of IT in Portugal. 

We’re counting on your presence!


10h15: Opening Session, IEEE Women in Engineering

10h30: Cristina Moura, Head of IT Governance, Architecture and Projects at Altice Portugal

10h45: Sofia Henriques, HR Manager at Altice Portugal

11h00-11h15: Coffee Break

11h15-12h30: Presentations by women in the fields of engineering (7 minutes each) + Round Table with Q&A:

    • Márcia Santos, PhD, Assistant Professor at Iscte and Lusofona
    • Mariana J. Rodrigues, PhD, Assistant Professor at Iscte
    • Beatriz Gonçalves, Fullstack Software Developer
    • Jéssica Maranni, Cibersecurity and Data Protection Consultant, B10SEC